On hand to breathe new life into your home, Ted Baker’s brand-new homeware edit comes complete with all the tailor-made touches we know you love. Featuring our signature new LAAULL wallpaper, we have all the inspiration you need for accenting the backdrop to all your downtime, family time and you time in between. So put your feet up, pop the kettle on and browse our oh-so-luxurious Homeware Lookbook. Available to shop online & in selected stores now.


Introducing luxurious new arrivals to our updated print portfolio, the soft and atmospheric Houdini wallpaper draws inspiration from jungle flora and fauna. Conjuring up an intriguing and indulgent composition with light and airy tones, this is the adventure-ready upgrade your walls have been calling out for. With botanicals, florals and personality to match, pair with the delightful Stelia rug for a duo of statement-ready elegance. Sophisticated underfoot comfort has never been so stylish.


Inspired by secret gardens and British woodland, forest birds and sprawling greenery give Ted Baker’s Benga wallcovering a sense of natural opulence. The overall look exudes a modern feel, offering a fresh take on a traditional paisley.


Create some serenity in the bedroom, with the ever-so-stylish Serendipity bed linen. In a calming palette of light pink, and a subtle nature print, this is the soft slumber setting you’ve been daydreaming of. For a stylish statement, look no further than our Utopa wall mural. Adding immediate comfort, it’s the perfect


Made for duvet days, early nights and hitting snooze, we’re all about the fresh, fun and fabulous Kingfish bed linen. For forty winks with added luxury, add a touch of timeless calm to your night-time routine. With a fine, floral finish, we’ve put the beauty in beauty sleep.


We spend a lot of time thinking about sustainability. With one eye firmly on the future, we source all our materials with the environmental in mind, and only ever produce high-quality, well-made products designed to last a lifetime.

Ted's Handy Hanging Instructions

Ted’s on a Roll

Prepare the walls by removing any pesky traces of dirt, grease, old wallpaper or loose paint.
Absorbent surfaces will need to be primed beforehand.

Light coloured wallcoverings are fussy and will need to be hung on a light, uniform surface.

Getting the Hang of it

  1. Start by measuring and cut from the roll.
  2. Measure the length required and leave an extra 5cm at each end to allow for miscalculations. 
  3. For printed patterns, plan your match from the roll before cutting. 
  4. Number each strip before attempting to hang in a sequence.
  5. Ted Baker wallcoverings are usually hung straight but designs that require reverse hanging will have appropriate labels attached. 
  6. Using a roller, apply the adhesive evenly to the wall.
  7. Lay the first strip of wall covering onto the adhesive with a spatula, working in an up and down motion.
  8. So far, so good? Align the pattern as required, butting each strip to form a tight joint.
  9. Take care not to overwork the joints. Lastly, wait 15 minutes before trimming the top and bottom of the drops.

Download the Wallpaper

Click the swatches to download the wallpapers